Passwords! Passwords! Passwords! part 1

In today’s modern society, the use of passwords seems more common place than drinking water.  In fact, I’m sure if I thought about it, I enter a password more times in a day than I actually take a drink of water.

Passwords are a simple concept with a big responsibility.  Most people reading this right now rely on a password to protect multiple corners of their lives from finances to family pictures.  The question remains however, with so much of our private lives dependent upon these little but necessary pests, why do most people in the world still not take the time to properly manage their passwords?

For most, it’s a question of time I suppose.  For many others, it’s not something they think about proactively, but rather reactively once someone finds a way to hack their Facebook account.  That’s the moment when people realize that their digital lives might not be as protected as they thought and that perhaps all this hype about passwords might have something to it.

The fact is that this year alone, several CEOs of major online and social media companies have had their passwords hacked.  Leaders of companies such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, and even Niantic (the creators of Pokémon GO), all have had social media breaches that were made public by the group(s) that hacked them.

Article – Pokémon GO Creator’s Twitter Account Hacked

The most absurd part to me is, of all the people in the world who might have a handle on good password management (other than say, the NSA), you’d think it would be the people in charge of major online companies such as these.  Alas, the opposite is true.  Amidst these passwords included such great secure examples such as “dadada” and “nopass“.

I don’t mean to make fun, moreover I use them as an example to prove how rampant a problem this really is at every level.  The fact is that most people are busy living their lives instead of thinking about the security of their passwords, as they should be able to do.

Several things that you should always keep in mind though in regard to your own passwords and their ongoing management.

  • Never Reuse passwords
  • Use complex passwords
  • Do not share your passwords
  • Change your passwords periodically

Later this week I will continue with this blog entry to expand on those four points and finish up about password management.

Keep in mind, Cyber Watchtower’s services perform all of these tasks for you and more.  We focus on your security so that you can focus on your life.  Look at our Services page for details.

Austin Bynum
Chief Watchman
Cyber Watchtower

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