Secure Your 2017

2016 was a rough year in so many ways.  We saw one of the fiercest elections in memory and we lost countless amazing artists.  In the world of cyber security, we saw an unprecidented number of security breaches to companies like Yahoo! and LinkedIn, with record-setting account information lost.  We also saw an ever-increasing number of cyber bullying incidents to both celebrities and average teens.  Overall, a very big year.

As we are such a digital society, we must look forward and try to do a better job all around.  Many people still take for granted the importance of good password security.  I will say however, I am starting to see some improvement in people’s understanding and habits when it come to managing their passwords and online credentials.  While I’m encouraged by what I see, I fear these breaches will just continue and the best defense users have is solid password hygiene.

Just like user credentials being so much a part of our daily lives, so is social media.  Most of us spending any time online belong to some sort of social media network.  Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or one of the many other networks, social media impacts not only our individual lives, but sometimes how society even gets their information and the speed at which it travels.  Now, while many of us will never experience cyberbullying in a detrimental capacity as some have, the fact remains the problem has become an epidemic and not just a nuisance.  There were countless celebrities in the news fighting this issue.  Prince William has even been so appalled by what he has seen in the realm of cyberbullying that he has made his own mission to fight it.  GuardChild reports that over 25% of teens have been threatened by some sort of electronic means.  Cyberbullying isn’t just limited to social media.  It sometimes may just be taking place via text message or private chats.  Regardless of the way the bullying takes place, it remains an ever-increasing issue.

There’s no doubt that as we continue to increase our online dependence, security of our information and protection of ourselves will become more and more important.  No matter how much of your life is online, I beg you, please make a resolution this year to protect yourself and your loved ones online.  We here at Cyber Watchtower wish you a very happy new year and we hope that you make 2017 a great year

Austin Bynum
Chief Watchman
Cyber Watchtower

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