Cyber Watchtower was created with one goal in mind, to offer a comprehensive set of white glove, concierge level services to protect people in their digital lives.

We all live in a day and age where much of our lives are lived and stored in some sort of online digital form.  While all of this technology makes many aspects of our lives more convenient, there are many malicious people out there that wish to use this technology to commit horrible offenses like stealing, ID Theft, libel, and cyberbullying.

Cyber Watchtower is made up of people who understand this technology and want nothing more than to make sure that our customers can use this technology to ease their lives while giving them the piece of mind that they will be protected from harm.

Providing services such as password management, social media monitoring, and device monitoring, Cyber Watchtower is able to stand guard to protect you and your family from these malicious people and their intentions.