Frequently Asked Questions:

General Questions – 

What is Cyber Watchtower?
We are a company specializing in concierge, white glove cyber security services for the individiual, families, and corporations.  See About page for more information.

What services do you offer?
We offer a suite of cyber security services including password manangement, social media monitoring, and device management.  See Services page for more information.

How are you different from LifeLock or other such companies?
Companies like LifeLock concentrate on watching activity on your credit while offering to fix it if there are any problems.  In many ways it’s like insurance for your identity.  Cyber Watchtower, on the other hand, offers to protect you through a comprehensive suite of services regarding your online activity.  We do not monitor or look at your credit, but rather, focus on ways to secure any online activity you perform as well as monitoring your devices themselves.

Password Management – 

What is your password management service?
Cyber Watchtower uses a password management utility to allow you a secure, central storage point for all your passwords.  We also analyze all your passwords for strength and duplication as well as possible compromise.  We even change your passwords for you, if you so desire, to make sure that they stay secure.  We also send you alerts and information on any security issues by companies where you have accounts.

What password managment utility to you use?
We use a “team” version of 1Password.

Who has access to my passwords?
Only you and Cyber Watchtower have access to anything saved inside of the password management utility.  It stores everything with with a 256 bit encryption.

Social Media Monitoring – 

What is Social Media Monitoring?
Cyber Watchtower monitors several different social media networks for activity of users who use our service.  Our primary focus is to protect you and alert you to any negative posts or cyberbullying.  For families, we monitor the accounts of teens very closely to make parents aware of possible issues with the child’s accounts.

For corporations, we focus more on a service of “brand monitoring”.  This concept means that we look all over the internet for anything negative said about your business in news, blogs, social media, etc.

What social media networks do you monitor?
Currently we are able to monitor Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Googleplus.

Will you need my social media credentials?
Yes, in order to completely monitor your social media accounts, we will need your login credentials for each social media account we monitor.

Web Filtering – 

What exactly is your web filtering service?
Using one of several utilities, Cyber Watchtower monitors, alerts, blocks, and reports web traffic from an devices you choose.  We work with you to develop lists of the web site types you wish to block and be alerted on.

How does site blocking work?
Inside of the web filtering utility, we set a list of rules of web site types, or specific web sites that you wish to prevent access to.  That way, when a users attempts to access one of those sites from a monitored device, they are prevented from access it.  An alert is also generated for the blocked content and sent to the service plan administrator.

What devices can you filter?
We can fitler web traffic on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS (iPhone and iPad).