Cyber Watchtower Services

Cyber Watchtower offers a suite of concierge, white glove cyber security services to those who need it.  Each service offered will be customized to fit exactly your needs.

Whether you are an individual, a family, or a corporation, Cyber Watchtower will work diligently to customize your services to make sure you have the best cyber security posture possible.

Password Management

We manage and monitor your passwords to make sure they stay safe and strong while helping you use strong password management practices.

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Social Media Monitoring

We monitor, alert, and protect your social media accounts from unwanted traffic and activity.

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Web Presence Management and Monitoring (Business)

We keep a close watch, all over the internet, for specific mentions of your company name and/or brand.  We alert you to anything said about your company, good or bad, on web sites, news sites, social media, blogs, image site, etc. based on criteria you choose.

Web Filtering

We monitor all web traffic from your devices and filter out unwanted content based on your preferences.  Filtering everything from pornography to malware, we keep a close eye on things to ensure you and your family stay safe while surfing online.

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Device Management

We monitor, report, and protect your devices from malicious activity and communication.

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