Passwords and login credentials are the most common way that people protect their data online.  Whether it’s your bank account information, your favorite recipes, or your favorite social media site, most of your information is protected by some sort of password.

At Cyber Watchtower, we make it our job to not only protect your passwords but to make sure they are following the best practices to continually keep them safe.

To provide an effective service, we make sure your password follow three simple rules.

  • We ensure your passwords are complex.
    Using an algorithm, we create a password that is the strongest that the web site will allow.  (Usually at least 20 characters)
  • We make sure that no password is used twice.
    Many times people get accounts hacked by others because they share passwords between many sites.
  • We change your passwords for you.
    Working with our customers, we set a frequency schedule for altering passwords to make sure they stay safe.  We also change customer passwords on any site where there has been a known breach IMMEDIATELY.

We do all of this management inside a utility that our customers use as well.  When we update a password, you receive notification of the change and can use the new password immediately.

While everyone understands and accepts the need for a password, most people don’t follow the basic steps to make sure their passwords are secure.  We believe that using strong password management is one of the simplest, yet most effective ways to keep your online digital life secure.

Password Management Pricing $12.50
per user account per month